Sunday, April 14, 2019

Some Tweets from Marianne Williamson

  • A revolution can’t just be led by soloists; everyone must sing their own unique part of the song. Full video at:
  • My CNN Town Hall is tomorrow night! Sunday, April 14 at 6pm ET (note new time)
  • A revolution can’t just be led by soloists; everyone must sing their own unique part of the song.
  • We need fewer than 19,000 more unique donors in order to make it onto the DNC debate stage. Let’s keep pushing, people! We’re getting there...
  • We don’t have to agree with someone politically to love them in a larger, more universal sense. That’s the essence of nonviolence, and if we don’t seek to practice it within ourselves then there will be no hope for the future. Let’s seek to love even those with whom we disagree.
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard was a wonderful woman. And that’s not something I’m saying just because she has passed over and I want to be nice. She truly was a wonderful woman. She was always…

    1. Traditional politics addresses the symptoms but not the causes of our problems; it’s therefore unable to identify the best measures to prevent them or the best measures to solve them. Only a holistic perspective freed of 20th C. prejudices can forge a sustainable path in the 21st
    2. Conversation that dominates US politics is intellectually sophisticated, but not psychologically, emotionally or spiritually sophisticated. As such, it’s an inadequate container for the energy needed to navigate these times. A deeply dysfunctional system needs more than tweaking.
    3. Thanks, Sheryl. I love what you do too. But it's not enough to just embrace the ideas; what has to be embraced are policy changes. One of the ways a status quo defends and protects itself is to co-opt disruptive language.
    4. We know how much power can be exerted when those who hate get together, but's it's nothing compared to the power we can release when enough of us who love get together. Here is my talk from Mind Valley:
    5. New time 6pm ET Sunday night!
    6. NEW TIME FOR MY CNN TOWN HALL: Now Sunday night at 6PM ET. Please let people know that the time has been changed.
    7. Why I am running for president. Article today in the Daily Kos
    8. 2) Only a massive uprising of the American people - taking their passions to the polls on state, local & federal levels in 2020 and beyond - can override the unjust influence of the new American aristocracy. Only the people ourselves can turn back the tide now and say “No more.”
    9. 1) America isn’t functioning as an economic democracy but rather as a veiled aristocracy. For 40 years we’ve been systematically delivering massive portions of the US treasury into the hands of the very few at the expense of the many, causing immeasurable heartache and hardship.