Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Some Tweets from Tulsi Gabbard

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    Trump’s criticism of Rep is complete hypocrisy. Trump says “WE WILL NEVER FORGET (9/11)!” Yet it is Trump who’s been acting as al-Qaeda’s big brother and protector in Syria, and turned America into the prostitute of AQ's biggest supporter—the Saudis
  • Trump is surrounded by neocon war hawks who supported regime change wars in Libya, Iraq, they’re calling for overthrow the govts of Venezuela and Iran, and the result will be the same: thousands of lives lost, trillions wasted, more suffering.
  • Notre Dame was constructed to remind us of the beauty and greatness of God, and to have a place to gather in that remembrance. Today, we mourn with France, and Catholics around the world. Tomorrow, we rebuild.
  • Another , another year corporations like Amazon pay $0 taxes. The rich & powerful pay to play & write laws so they don't pay taxes. Trump has made this corruption even worse, turning the swamp into a cesspool. As President, I will change this and put .
  • This is so heartbreaking and such an incredible loss.
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    A year and a half after Hurricane María struck the island, grants from World Central Kitchen are helping dozens of small farmers start fresh.
  • I started practicing martial arts as a kid and trained Capoeira for many years - an art that originated with slaves in Brazil as a form of resistance. This weekend, I stopped in at in LA and got in some training and play time!